New business owner using laptop computer to watch web hosting setup course

Lay Down a Rock-Solid Foundation for Your Website: Web Hosting & Domain Setup

Think of web hosting like a home for your website and the domain name as the street address. In the real world, you wouldn't go choosing a house or neighborhood/street at random. You'd spend time researching everything, making sure it lives up to your expectations. 

The same should be done when selecting a web hosting plan and domain name for your WordPress website. 

But the reason you're here is because you're short on time and want someone to just tell you what to do so you can start making money, right? 

So, that's what we're going to do today. 

In this course, you will: 

  • Get pointers on how to choose the right domain name for your business as well as where to get one for free.
  • Learn about the different kinds of web hosting and why the cheapest and most expensive plans aren’t always the best. 
  • Set up your domain name, web hosting plan, and WordPress installation within 15 minutes. 

Here's What You Need to Get Started

Before you begin this course, make sure you have the following: 

  • A name for your business
  • A credit card to pay for your business expenses
  • A password manager installed in your browser (I like Zoho Vault, but 1Password is another popular option)

If you don't have your business name picked out yet, spend some time really nailing one down. While it might seem like an easy enough thing to change, you can't easily switch domain names. Every business name change will require a new domain name purchase. And moving your site from one domain to another can be a real pain in the a$$.

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